CreativeEye: January ‘18 Edition

Published January 19, 2018
Last Updated January 22, 2020
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New year means new creative marketing stories!

First of all, we’d like to begin our first edition of 2018 by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

2017 was a great year for marketing campaigns, and whilst the festive period may be over, what better way to soften the crash back down to reality than with some more brilliant creative work.

Featuring in this month’s edition is a brand re-design from Diet Coke, a distinctly quirky insert by IKEA and another London Tube Station takeover from Netflix!

So, if you’re feeling somewhat downcast following the Christmas antics, or if you’re just in need of some creative inspiration, feast your eyes…

  1. Diet Coke Redesign – “Because I Can”

    Spotted by: Simon Lister

    We all know that Coke is no stranger to bold, innovative marketing.

    The brand recently announced the upcoming launch of its redesign of Diet Coke, signalling the biggest product and marketing revamp in its history.

    As well as a new can size and shape, the new drinks come with a host of different flavours such as Ginger Lime, Feisty Cherry and Zesty Blood Orange.

    Both the flavours and can design were determined with the help of a customer research campaign involving 10,000 consumers in the US.

    Described as ‘sleek’, the new cans are taller and thinner than the traditional coke can and are simpler in design, having removed all background imagery apart from a representative fruit graphic.

    A spokesperson for the company said that they found “magic” when conducting their research, resulting in a redesign aimed to be more diverse and gender neutral.

    Keep an eye out for their coinciding ad campaign titled “Because I can” that is set to appear in late January.

  2. Black Mirror – London Tube Takeover!

    Spotted by: Amy Goodwin

    Last year, Netflix plagued Oxford Circus London Underground with a Stranger Things makeover to signify the arrival of its second season.  

    After proving to be a hit, Netflix has struck a second time with a similar campaign in light of the return of Black Mirror.

    This time, Old Street Station in London was given a creepy overhaul to promote the new series. The station was covered with unnerving branding in the form of cracked mirrors displaying messages such as “Tech startup turning dead loved ones into chatbots” and “Dating app knows when your relationship will end”.

    Black Mirror is hugely popular amongst us here at Jask, and what better way to heighten excitement surrounding its return than to bring it into the real life of London commuters.

  3. IKEA – Pregnancy Test on Paper


    Spotted by: Tom Whitehouse

    We’re positive (sorry) this one’s going to wow you.

    IKEA have began their 2018 marketing with one we’re sure not to forget. Their latest magazine ad has a built-in pregnancy test, designed with the aim to encourage expectant mothers to effectively use it as a test.

    If the ad shows up positive it will reveal discounted rates on cribs.

    It’s safe to say that integrating “peeing” in advertising is a technique that’s used sparingly. You might remember when Animal Planet artificially manufactured the scent of urine back in 2001 to attract dogs to the foot of lamp-posts.

    When dogs wandered over for a sniff, the owners were faced with a larger ad promoting Animal Planet’s new dog awards show.

    Chiefly, IKEA may have crafted a weirdly clever ad, but we’re not so sure IKEA’s Swedish cashiers will be too happy…

  4. Army Recruitment Advert

    Spotted by: Stuart Jordan

    This new army recruitment advert is designed to address the emotional uncertainty that comes with the decision to sign up for the army.

    While this may seem like a ploy to pander to peoples’ concerns, critics are unsure about whether the ad compromises content over target audience.

    This is a definite shift from the usual army adverts we’re so familiar with, which rely on the physical gratification and combat ethos at the crux of serving in the army.

    The big question marks here are about whether the campaign is trying to do the right thing at the cost of not appealing to its core potential recruits.

  5. Tinder – Invention of Together

    Spotted by: Matt Ansell

    What better way to learn about the history of dating than to take it from matchmaking connoisseur Tinder.

    The animation, created by creative design agency Buck, was formed out of real, tangible sets to which computer-generated characters were imposed onto.

    The result is an aesthetically stunning visual which effectively tackles a host of political issues to get at the heart of Tinder’s primary intention: to bring people together.

    Way to address relevant themes whilst remaining aligned with branding values, Tinder!

  6. Volkswagen – T-Roc

    Spotted by: Dave Potts

    One thing’s for sure, you can always rely on cute animals to gage our attention.

    In Volkswagen’s new advert for its T-Roc model, there’s only one real star of the show: the little ram.

    “Born Confident” is the adage Volkswagen have gone for, and if the ram wasn’t enough to capture our attention, the cinematography and music cue was sure to do it.

    If there’s one thing Volkswagen have achieved with this ad it’s the messaging of deterring from the crowd, doing your own thing and being expressive.

    When it comes to car adverts, it can often become difficult to differentiate one from the other.

    This ad, however, succeeds in its very own core messaging: being bold and different.

  7. Samsung – The Next Generation of Family Hub

    Spotted by: James Bowles

    Last but not least, Samsung makes its way into CreativeEye with a new product that seeks to bring vibrance into possibly one of the least interesting things in your household: a fridge.

    Samsung launched the next generation of Family Hub with a series of print and online adverts.

    The three minute video demonstrates how the new Hub 3.0 can display TV shows, create notes, play music, and more. It also highlights the ways in which the new model builds on the existing characteristics of its previous versions, making family-life even more fun and connected than before.

    Is it too early to begin thinking about the possibility of display adverts on your fridge?

    Nevertheless, points go to Samsung for groundbreaking innovation!

That’s it for January 2018! There were so many more that we just couldn’t fit in. However, be sure to keep an eye out for our Twitter updates for more brilliant creative work.

What did you make of this month’s entries?

Feel free to get in touch directly and let us know! Or you can drop us a line on TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn!

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