Social Media Rundown – 19/11/2021

Published November 19, 2021
Last Updated November 19, 2021
Owen Timmins

Instagram subscription service coming soon

The instagram app was recently updated with the inclusion of new in-app purchases titled ‘Instagram subscriptions’ with prices ranging from $0.99 to $4.99. Instagram hasn’t yet said what the real purpose of these will be but it is likely to give brands and creators an option to post content behind a paywall similar to how they would on a patreon or other such service.

It is also in line with the company’s plan to further monetise the platform.

Earlier this year the company confirmed they were working on ‘exclusive stories’ which will likely fall under these subscription led services too.


Google rolls out a new broad core update

Google has rolled out a new broad core update titled the ‘November 2021 Core Update’ (Creative name). This is the third core update google has released in 2021. With black friday and cyber monday only next week it’s a bit of a surprise to see this update will be released so soon but here’s what you should know.

Whenever Google updates its search ranking algorithm it means that your site can do better or worse in the search results so you should keep your eye on your analytics over the coming weeks to see if it is the algorithm responsible for any changes or something you have posted on your website yourself.


Twitter Improved Analytics

Twitter has historically been difficult for brands to utilise. That’s looking to change soon as the platform has rolled out improved analytics and has teased that more tools are coming soon. The update provides more detailed data on each tweet, including additional information on engagements and greater analysis on where impressions have come from. More data means more insights, which inform brands on how they can better make use of the platform.


Youtube Hides Dislike Button

YouTube announced on October 10th that it would hide the dislike count on all videos. YouTube first tested its update earlier in the year to combat so-called ‘dislike attacks’ – a bullying tactic that can negatively affect the recommendation algorithm.

However, the dislike button won’t be completely eliminated. As a matter of fact, users will still be able to use the dislike button. The only difference is that the dislike count will no longer be visible to the public. In YouTube Studio, creators will be able to see how many dislikes they have received.


Facebook To Remove Hundreds Of Ad Targeting Categories

In connection with sensitive topics, Facebook is removing thousands of ad targeting categories. Essentially, all of this is to remain compliant with privacy laws that are ever-evolving. 

A move like this will impact marketers who target through causes, healthcare, and political parties – it could also impact marketers who focus on more value-driven messaging. While Facebook has noted that brands will benefit from building out Engagement Custom Audiences to retarget those already showing interest, marketers can build Lookalike audiences around those parameters to expand the potential audience pool.


New Platform: Pearpop

Pearpop is a platform that enables users to pay to collaborate with creators across TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch. It first had a soft launch back in October but it is now live.

It has raised $16 million in funding from investors such as Lil Nas X, Paris Hilton, and Jake Paul. Its main selling point is the ability to allow fans to collaborate with top creators and celebrities – driving fan/creator growth through a marketplace approach. 

Currently, the platform takes a quarter of the creator’s collaboration fees and is seeking to streamline offerings, such as allowing musicians to pay creators for the right to use their songs in videos.

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